Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Swap


I was fortunate enough to be paired up with Jen Sykes for this round of the Product Swap. I remember Jen from the 2nd Grade Teachers Club so I was very excited to work with her.  I knew I would find some great ideas at her TPT store and blog.  My students were just learning about  prefixes and suffixes so when I came across her game collection of prefix and suffix I just had to have it.   It didn't disappoint at all! 

So if you want something that is teacher friendly, is engaging for students, and that will help your students understand prefix/suffix. Be sure to check out Jen's Prefix and Suffix Game Collection.  Click the image below for more information.

This collection is a time saver for any teacher.  It includes whole class games and games that work well for any type of centers that you might use during guided reading and course it meets those CCSS.  I don't know about your class, but anytime I can call something a game I have my classes attention.  My students just perk up when they hear that word.  

There are 2 I Have . .  Who Has . . . ? (whole class) games.
Each game has a different graphic on it so if you mix them up you can easily sort them back together.  
With this game you pass out all the cards.  Choose a student to begin and they read their card aloud.  The rest of the student listen and check their card to see if they have the answer.  If they have the answer they read their card.  I have my students go up to the front of the class to get them out out their seats.  We then have the students check the cards to make sure we agree.  

Matching Bam!
(Two games included in this set)

This game is a favorite of my students during Word Work time.  For my lower reading groups I do have to divide up the suffix and prefix cards up into two different games.  My medium and higher level students are mixing them both up now.  This game is played like a Memory Game so students are familiar with this one.    There are also directions and decorative card back covers that are included.  

The 5th Game in this Collection is Scoot!

I play this whole class.  I put a card on each desk.  I play music for a few seconds and when the music goes off the students Scoot to the next next.  I used this for a quick assessment and the students have lots of fun.  Pictured above is the recording form that is provided.  

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Krystal said...

These product swaps are always so fun... I wish I were more creative and could come up with things like this! Looks like I'll be adding a few items to my TPT wishlist :)

Suzy Q said...

Looks great!
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aclark said...

I've loved looking at all of the products! Thanks for the giveaway!


Jay Pea said...

Wow! This has been great fun! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I LOVE these prefix and suffix activities-just what I was looking for!
The Techie Teacher