Sunday, March 16, 2014

Leprechaun Traps

On Friday, our second graders brought in their Leprechaun Traps to set on their desks in hopes of catching a leprechaun tomorrow morning.  Every year I am impressed with the creative of some of our second graders.  My favorite (not in the video)  was a large green laundry basket.  Inside this laundry basket was a female leprechaun.  This one came from another class I wish I had the picture of it.  

This is my first attempt at posting a video to my blog.  It was also my first slideshow video I made on my computer.  So I hope this works out.  I really wanted to share this with my parents.

Well I do hope it worked.  I tried to preview the video before posting but it said no preview available.  If not I will have to post actual pictures tomorrow.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!