Sunday, March 18, 2012

End of Year Memory Books and corrected file

The last two weeks the weather in Chicago was beeen WONDERFUL!  It feels more like May than March.  The last few days we have even been in the 80's!  I  even had to cut my grass this weekend.  Needless to say I've been thinking of end of year ideas.  The last two years I have gotten many requests for some of my themed end of year memory books.  So this year I'm trying to think ahead and get a head start on creating new ones and uploading the ones I have completed already to my Teachers Notebook store.  (I should have that done in about 3-4 weeks)

Here is the ones I have created already that are uploaded to Teaching Oasis. So if anyone has any requests for additional themes let me know now so I can put that on the top of my list.  Unfortunately I will not be able to create a Seuss themed one due to copyrights.  But I'm open to any other suggestions.

If  you have purchased my Persuasive writing unit you will need to download a new updated copy at Teachers Notebook.  Here's the link to my product info if you are unsure.
I found that I had some missing information on Lesson 4 and a typo.  Just minor corrections made.  If you purchased this unit from Teaching Oasis just email me at   Sorry for the inconvience.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a week

Last week we had a 4 day week.  Our 3rd- 5th graders are taking the ISAT so 2nd grade planned a field trip to the Musuem of Science and Industry in Chicago.  The students had a blast and it the musuem wasn't crowded at all. We almost had the whole place to ourselves.  But it was still just a crazy week.  So we did a lot of reviewing.  In reading I started a mini- Fairy Tale unit and trying to wrap up our unit in S.S.  As I was going through my books of Fairy Tales I came across my Three Little Pigs.  That got me thinking how I can incorportate S.S. and reading why not have students find the resources that the 3 Little Pigs used.  (natural, capital, and human resources).  Don't you just love it when you can combine subjects like that.

If your interested in this you can purchase it at my Teachers Notebook store for just a $1.  Click on the above picture for more information.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 Below Find and Royal Readers

Last month our PTO gave each staff member a Visa $30 gift card. (Thanks! :) )  Well today I went into 5 Below for the first time. If you haven't heard of this store it's like a dollar store except everything is $5 or below- just like the name says.

My class has been needing some inside recess games and I hit the jack pot today.  Here's a picture of what I got.  Laminator on the left not included, but that is a great find too Walmart for $25 I believe I got that a few years ago and LOVE IT!

When you think of March you think Reading- Read Across America / Dr. Seuss.  I'm not a huge Seuss fan. (I know how un-American is that.)  Well a few years ago I came across Beth Newingham's Mystery Reader and gave that a try.  Only got 1 parent to read and it ended up being all teachers from my building.  Well this year I have more parent support so I'm trying this again but with a twist.  Royal Readers.  It will be just for March, but it could be any month.  I'm also doing  a short Fariy Tale unit this week so that ties right in very nicely.  Click on the picture to download this for only $1 at my Teachers Notebook store.

Check out Second in Line- She has a freebie she wants to give out, but is waiting for 50 followers.  Let's help out a fellow 2nd grade teacher.