Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 Below Find and Royal Readers

Last month our PTO gave each staff member a Visa $30 gift card. (Thanks! :) )  Well today I went into 5 Below for the first time. If you haven't heard of this store it's like a dollar store except everything is $5 or below- just like the name says.

My class has been needing some inside recess games and I hit the jack pot today.  Here's a picture of what I got.  Laminator on the left not included, but that is a great find too Walmart for $25 I believe I got that a few years ago and LOVE IT!

When you think of March you think Reading- Read Across America / Dr. Seuss.  I'm not a huge Seuss fan. (I know how un-American is that.)  Well a few years ago I came across Beth Newingham's Mystery Reader and gave that a try.  Only got 1 parent to read and it ended up being all teachers from my building.  Well this year I have more parent support so I'm trying this again but with a twist.  Royal Readers.  It will be just for March, but it could be any month.  I'm also doing  a short Fariy Tale unit this week so that ties right in very nicely.  Click on the picture to download this for only $1 at my Teachers Notebook store.

Check out Second in Line- She has a freebie she wants to give out, but is waiting for 50 followers.  Let's help out a fellow 2nd grade teacher. 


Run Teacher, Run! said...


I just blogged about my Mystery Readers! I now use Skype also to have parents/families read to the class if they aren't able to get off work or are out of town. It started when I found out one of my students' dads was in Afghanistan. It might help with the involvement portion. I love your sheet!

Mary Beth
Run Teacher, Run

Patty Rutenbar said...

Thanks Sandy. You're a peach for helping me out.


Heather Perkins said...

Cute Blog! Head over to my new 2nd grade blog if you get a chance!

Sandy said...

@Heather- just became a follower of your blog and added it to my list.