Friday, June 24, 2011

Singapore Math

This summer I am taking 2 math classes.  The first one (An Intro to Singapore Math) started this week.  Our district does not use Singapore Math, but I'm always looking for new ideas.  So far what I like about Singapore Math is how they go from contrete to pictorial to abstract.  Reflecting on how I teach math I have to say that the pictorial part is lacking and now it makes sense as to why students struggle with the abstract.  I really think that this sequence gives students a solid understanding of basic concepts and relationships before working at the abstract level. 

After searching the internet for ideas I came across these websties:
 Number Bond Machines 
Bonds of Ten
 Number Bonds Game 
Math Word Problems

Well that's it for now


Mrs. Lamb said...

Our district has really gotten into this too. All teachers were required to take a foundations of math class and many of the articles were all about Singapore math. Our new Math Expressions is a nice little break from the old ways of teaching...