Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Desert Experiment and a Freebie

Just before spring break I finished up our  habitat unit.  Since we live in the Midwest and many of my students are not familiar with the desert so I created the My Desert Learning Packet for students to track their learning. (Which is free to download on TPT and TN just click on the links down below to find my shops.)

To have my students better understand why animals burrow in the sand during the day we did this simple experiment.  Just add some sand to a flower container and put it under a desk lamp.  Turn it on first thing in the morning.  By the end of the day have students feel the warm sand.  Also have some sand that you do not put under the light and have students feel the difference. 

My students also had the opportunity to answer this question:  How do desert plants live on very little water?  This is a great activity for students.  You can purchase this experiment at TPT and TN for just $1. 


Mrs. Cupcake said...

I love experiments! Great idea :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Sara at school said...

Fun idea with the sand.


Michelle said...

This desert idea is awesome. Happy I stumbled upon your blog as I was out 'stalking' today. :-) VERY COLORFUL and full of helpful ideas! THANKS! Have added myself to your followers! "Swing" on over sometime to say hi and/or grab some freebies! Michelle

Miss Foote said...

What fun! A great hands on activity.

Chickadee Jubilee