Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking about next year already

I have already received some requests for some back to school items lately.  I've been so swamped this year that I haven't even really started to think about next year yet.  Just looking forward to SUMMER VACATION which BTW is in 11 more school days. 

Anyway I did finish up a new theme clip chart today. (Pizza)  Last summer my themed clip charts was one of my best sellers.  I started making them late in the summer so I have so many more themes to catch up on.  Also last summer I had several requests for my parent letter.  So with the new theme I created a fillable parent letter.  I typed in the information that I use, but you can change that part. 

So over the summer I will update all my themes with fillable letter and post them on TPT and TN.  I'm sure I won't have the time to work on any more before summer.  After a few days of decompressing I will start up on the theme clip charts again.

If you are interested in a pizza theme check out my newest addition. 
 Click here to purchase on TPT.
Click here to purchase on TN.

As ususual I starte working on themes that I  have a request for.  If you are interested in a different theme that I haven't created already please leave a comment below.  I would much rather work on themes that I know teachers are interested in instead of just guessing what teachers would want.  You can check out the ones I already created at the Teaching Oasis.


Stephanie said...

Sandy, YOU are the best!! Thank you so much!! Stephanie