Sunday, July 14, 2013

Target Finds!

I don't even want to think about Back to School yet.  So of course I don't want to see this in my mailbox or in my Sunday paper.   

However I did go to my favorite store today Target.  Of course I had to stop at the $1 spot.  You can't pass that up.  It's right in front when you first walk in!  How can one resist!  So I have to check it out.  

This is what I found.

I thought these would be great to use with any bulletin boards.  You can write on them with chalk or I was thinking silver glitter pen maybe.

Pouches- they have a place for a badge.  I was thinking for field trips.  Just making a badge and putting it in the photo id slot.  This way I don't have to make name badge for each field trip.  I got purple for the girls and black for the boys.  I might have to visit another Target to pick up a few extras since I don't know yet how many boys/girls I have.  Lucky for me I have two Targets within 10 min.  or less from my house.  I took all that they had.  We don't let me bring money on field trips so they won't get to use the the zipper pouch (I know were mean- we are not there to shop, but to learn about something.)  Another use might be when we have book fairs to the library and they bring money without any envelopes/baggies.  They can just use this.  I just couldn't pass this up.  

Scotch Duct Tape- $1.50 - found this in the school supply area.  I'm always losing supplies to the students so I thought of using a little decorative duct tape might do the trick.  

My Target didn't have a lot of Back to School stuff out so I'm sure I will be back looking.


Jodi said...

We just got Target in Canada and I am VERY excited about seeing what goodies they will have there. I am looking forward to those chalkboards and the pouches! Thanks for the sneak peak!

Sandy Fiorini said...

The chalkboards are thin. It's something you can staple to a wall. Which I thought was cool ( custom make your own bulletin board.). You are going to love Target!

Cindy said...

Great ideas, Sandy! I'd like to say I miss the return to school frenzy, and in a way I do…but retirement is sublime ;). You do an awesome job and the kids are lucky to have you! ~Cindy

Becca Morris said...

It is getting to be the time of year where I visit Target at least once a week to see what they have in the Dollar Spot. It is a problem. :) I am going to have to check to see if mine has those chalkboards!

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Miss. Walterhouse said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pouch idea!!!!!!! I think I am going to look at my local Target today for them!

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