Friday, June 16, 2017

First Day Updates

I was going through my TpT store and looked at my First Day Guidebooks.  Oh, my!  They are need of some updating.  Those were one first resources I uploaded to TpT, and they were newly created resources.  Needless to say they need updating.  For starters I finally listened to my mom and now create resources in PowerPoint instead of Word.  I've started to update my guidebooks to a fillable powerpoint.  It will take some time.  I started with a basic school kids and superhero.  

I no longer do themes in my classroom, but do more of a color scheme.  Right now I have bright colors with black. 

I realize some teachers still do themes.  I understand I just personally need a break.  I would like to update my theme books.  So I'm wondering what themes teachers are interested in and start from there.  I will definitely be limiting my themes.  I can't update them all this summer and still have a relaxing summer for myself. 

Please comment below for your suggestions on themes.