Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freebie and Giveaway Time

Well I tried uploading this document with Google Docs, and for some reason it won't let me upload this document.  So I'm going to try and upload this with Scrib.

Giveaway Time:
This week with my students I am starting math centers so I thought for my 200th follower Giveaway I would make it about Math.

What you have to do is leave a comment below (or give us a link to your blog) on something new or something you have taught for math that is successful.  I will pick 3 names through a random number drawing.

The winners will recieve:

Subtraction Bump
Place Value Hop
Digit Cards/Pocket Holder with both 2 and 3 digit Guess My Number Clues.

Contest ends Thursday night.  Good luck! :)


Erika said...

I teach my students a doubles chant with actions. They beg for it! Can't recall where it originated, but I tweeked it a bit to make it my own.

2B Honey Bunch

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I have been working with my students on counting and sorting. I know this isn't unique, but we are sorting Froot Loops by color and then comparing to see which color students had the most of. My kids love to eat and always focused if they know they are going to get to eat the manipulatives when we finish!

Sandy said...

Good ideas. Keep them coming!

Ms. Lies said...

Hi! My kiddie love cup stacking power towers with math facts. I just came up with two new games in my tpt store for math facts. They are Super Hero Subtraction and Student Driver Addition. The kids LOVE these games. The principal came in for an observation during the lesson and it was exciting to say that I created them myself. We also play the bump games and I have some pringles canisters that twist and have math facts practice squares so kids can quiz each other....I'd need a picure to explain it. One other game I made are puzzles where the kids have to match up math facts with sums, products, etc.
Thanks for sharing facts ideas. What a novel idea. Great blog!!!! Keep the ideas coming.
Kim Lies

Mary said...

I would love your math activities. You are so creative and inspiring. That's why I'm now a follower

Mary said...

LOL! I was so excited about the giveaway I didn't follow directions. We have been working on learning the difference between odd & even numbers. The BINGO song has really helped. When they are confused, they just start singing the song. It's so cute! They also made the even and odd street the teacher wife had on her blog. They wrote their home address on their housed and placed them into the even or odd street.

The Schaffnitt's said...

Love the rolling for numbers page! Thanks for sharing! I have just discovered and I'm loving it as part of my math stations!!!