Monday, September 26, 2011

Walk and Talk

This past week I introduced "Walk N Talk" as part of my Read to Someone Activities. I got this idea from a workshop I attended last year.  I adapted the idea to make it my own.   Once a pair of students is finished reading they can pick an activity to dicuss what they have just read.  This helps students be more accountable when listening to each other read.

For this activity I have the students lay the cards on the floor. (I have them numbered on the back so they are in correct retelling order.)  Each student reads the prompt on the card (question) and answers the question.  There is a sentence starter to help students answer the question in a complete sentence.

(Hmm, I thought I had the picture going up and down.  Oh, well.)
I have created these for both fiction and non-fiction.  So far my students have enjoyed this activity.  It gets them up and moving.  A break form reading but they are still on task discussing their book.  I just love it when they have a good book discussion.
 These are available for purchase at The Teaching Oasis- click on the picture of above. (It's under reading strategies.)  I was also thinking of creating these in a bookmark style as well.  If that is something you would be interested in please leave a comment below.


Mrs. S. said...

Love, love, love this! I am definitely interested. I found a Genre Walk somewhere and printed it out for my second graders. They love it, too! Thanks barrels!


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Christina Bainbridge said...

We did this last week and my kids LOVED it! It is now one of the "check for understanding" activities at my partner reading table. Thanks Sandy! :)

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Jenny Sauer said...

What a fantastic idea!! Love it! A bookmark would also help with independent reading :)

Sandy said...

Glad to hear that teachers like this idea.

I think I just might add making these into a bookmark on my to do list.

ShaiEducator said...

I forgot all about these! I have one student who struggles with retelling and I can't wait to try this strategy with her!