Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spanish Heritage Month Part 2

I don't know if it is the changing of the weather around here. Or just that calendar turned to Oct. and students are already getting excited about Halloween.  But I am exhausted!  I am so looking forward to having Monday off for Columbus Day.  I could use a three day weekend.

Well here's another post on Spanish Heritage Month by Virginia Duran.

On Thursday I took my students to the public library, we are really fortunate we are a parking lot away.  And as we were getting our tour, we stopped by the Spanish book section and I a book catches my eye.  I find another book on Celia Cruz!.  I immediately grabbed it and checked it out.  I read it to my students.  Well I didn’t have to read it since there was a listening CD in the book!  It was in English, not Spanish, but the narration was great.  It included Celia’s music in the background as it was being narrated and it in included one of her song on the CD!  So my students heard this book, the Me llamo Celia, My Name is Celia, “Let’s Dance”, and I played salsa music.  I did purchase a cd from Scholastic a few years ago with Salsa music for cats and dogs.  I don’t have the title, but I will post it later.  I invited our 2nd grade class and they loved it!   They were repeating “Azucar” and got up and danced with my first grade students.   During recess I had my students make maracas ( see pictures).  I used empty water bottles, beans and corn kernels, and construction paper.   The students decorated their maracas, I either used beans or corn kernels, placed them in the bottles!  They loved them. 

Next week I will try to squeeze Cesar Chavez, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo!  My goal is to have them make a piƱata with the help of their fifth grade buddies.   We also want to meet with the second graders again and play Loteria ( similar to BINGO) since they read Jugando Loteria/ Playing Loteria.

Hope a great rest of the week.