Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl Activities

Well my Bears were disappointing again this football season, but it's always fun watching the Super Bowl. (Maybe next year.) In years past I have a Super Bowl Reading Contest.  I split my class up into 4 or 5 teams.  Each team reads for homework and for every 20 minutes they read they earn so many  yards.  (This usually depends on how long I run the contest.  Usually it is 5 or 10 yards.)  When each team reaches the end zone they score a touchdown.  Each student can also fill out a book report for field goal points.  Each team keeps track of their points.  It's just a fun way to encourage students to read.  

If you are interested in this unit.  Just click on the link below for more information on TPT.  



Tania said...

What a nice way to incorporate sports and reading!
My Second Sense