Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas gift ideas for students, parents, and teachers.

I can't believe it is Dec. 2nd already.  Time is flying by so fast this year.  I just finished up 2nd quarter progress reports today.  This week we have  our 2nd round of MAP testing already. 

 I haven't had time to create anything new so I thought I would just blog about some ideas I had did last year.  Click on image to see last years blog post. 

Idea #1   Dog Oranament- this makes a great gift for the parents.  Just be sure to tell your students to keep it away from their pets.  We don't want any dogs eating these.

 Idea #2 Student Gift- Math Games - You can get a deck of cards for just $1.  Now that's hard to beat.
Idea #3 A gift for your teammates- Who couldn't use hand sanitzer or hand soap this time of the year. 


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