Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cutest Christmas Ornament

Well being a dog-lover I definitely think so.  One of my teammates saw this ornament last year at a craft fair and I just had to make one. :) (Thanks Dana!  J

All you need is 1 large biscuit, 1 medium biscuit, 2 small wiggly eyes, 1 black bead for the nose (or black Pom pom), brown felt for ears, red  felt for the tongue,  ribbon for the bow and ornament hanger, and tacky glue. 


Glue the brown felt (ears), ornament hanger, tongue to the large biscuit and let dry.  Then glue the medium biscuit at the top over the ears/hanger.  Last glue the wiggly eyes, and nose.
Oh, don't forget to write their  name and year on the side.

Of course make sure you tell students to hang these ornaments at the top of their Christmas trees.  We wouldn’t want our four legged friends to eat these biscuits!  Well my poor dog Pebbles was going crazy when I was making this sample. 

Well just after posting this idea I came across a Linky Party from Finally in First. Just click on the Logo below to check it out. For more wonderful ideas.


Jenn Bates said...

Adorable! Thanks for linking up.
Finally in First

Erika said...

Too cute! My dogs would love it, too!
2B Honey Bunch

Sandy said...

Jenn and Erika- Glad you like it!