Sunday, December 18, 2011

Non-fiction retelling Homework

From reading many blog posts I hear that many teachers have already started their winter break.  (I"m jealous BTW).  Well we still have 2 more days until our winter break.

This past week I finished up my Then and Now unit in S.S. and I gave my students a retelling assignment for homework.  I have done this activity before in class, but never as a  homework asssignment.  It turned out to be a successful one.  Students were eager to go home and tell their parents about what they have learned.  How many times do we hear from parents or students when asked about their day "What did you learn?"  They answer "Nothing".  Well this assignment helped put that response to bed.

I set aside some time the next day for students to share what their parents wrote with a partner.  I believe that part is what made it successful.

Well if you are lucky enought to be on break- I hope you are enjoying it.  As for the rest of us- we can get throught it.