Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well I have just opened up a shop on Teacher's Notebook.  I haven't had.the time to upload much .I do have a few things on there, and plan to add more items soon.  So now I will be able to post my ideas here, Teacher's Notebook, and The Teaching Oasis. 

Right now I added my addition and addition/subtraction puzzles. (An idea that was posted on here earlier.)  Also in the past few years my Reading Super Bowl Contest has been popular on the Teaching Oasis.  So those items are posted on there as well.  Hopefully if time allows me too I will be adding more to my SuperBowl collection. 

Right now all my items are 20% off until 1/3/12. So be sure to check it out.


Kristen said...

Hey Sandy, congrats! I added your store to my favorite shops :)
Ladybug's Teacher Files

Sandy said...

Thanks Kristen! :)