Saturday, July 23, 2011

Behavior Clip Chart Fans

After many requests for more behavior clip charts.  I've decided to work more themed sets.  These will be sold at the Teaching Oasis.  These will be more "cutesy" than the plain ones I have posted here.  (I will be redoing the sports, hollywood, and safari/jungle from plain to fancy)

Right now I'm thinking of starting with Ocean/Beach, western, pirate, detective, space, rockstar, and Dr. Seuss.

Don't have a theme.  I will creating some general ones as well. 

I will be starting to work on these this week.  Please be patient the next 2 weeks are very busy for me, and then I have to work on my own classroom.  I will do my best to get as many as I can done before I start school again.

I will keep everyone updated on behavior clip charts.

I see that I am 26 followers away from 100.  So if you are not a follower yet do so.  When I reach 100 I will have a freebie.


Mrs. Shepherd said...

I'm a new follower! Come check out my blog at

Mrs. Shepherd

Unknown said...

Love the themed clip chart idea. I started using a clip chart last year and wanted to tie it into my theme. Please make one for the bee theme on teaching oasis! I've got everything else already.