Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Clip Chart Themes Being Added

First of all thank you for your patience as I create these.  New themes added our Camping, Frog, Groovy, and Pirate.  I have added a link on my classroom website if you wish to purchase these before they are uploaded to the Teaching Oasis site. Please be sure to include the theme you would like and your email address. Hopefully this will speed up the process up a bit since I will be taking a graduate class next week and working on my own classroom.  I also included full samples of the clip charts.  Again if you are interested in the student sheet check the sample click here. (They are pretty much the same.)

I'm still working on the Bee theme and will do a Star, Apple theme. 


Aura said...
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jl2teach said...

Thanks so much for the frog clip chart!! I will go to your website and order it today!