Friday, July 29, 2011

clip chart update

Just saw that the themed clip charts have been uploaded to the Teaching Oasis site.  Thank you Ms. Winston! :)
These are for the themes Seuss, Polka Dots, Hollywood Western, Ocean/Beach, Detective, Sports, Rock Star and Jungle Safari.  These can be found on the classroom themes page.

As word is getting out about the themed clip charts.  My requests list is getting long.  I will do my best to complete as many as I can.  Next week I start I math class and will be getting my own classroom ready.  So please be patient.  It takes time to upcome with sayings for each of the themes.  I work in spurts, and right now I need a little break from the clip charts. 

The pirate theme is almost completed, and then I will be working on frogs bees and many more. 

Just wanted to share my log sheet that I keep to track student behavior. So far I've only kept a log of anyone who has moved their clip down.  I have students fill this out.  I will this way a lot because students take ownership of their behavior by writing down what it was they did.  Plus it always helps to show that to parents when they say my son/daughter said they didn't do anything wrong.  Just show them the records- it's in their child's own handwriting so it's hard to dispute that way. 

I keep this in a binder.  You could also have a sheet for each child.  This past year I started off with using a daily one that all students who moved their clip down would use.  But after the first quarter I only had to use it for one child.  So they had their own personalized sheet.  (Students hate writing in the Behavior Book- whatever works)

I will be back later tonight to select my 2 winners for the latest giveaway.


Sheena said...

I like the tracker. Thanks for sharing!

Learning in 2nd Grade

TeachinNV said...


I like the behavior tracker! Is there a reason that pink is on there twice? Should it be blue?