Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School Freebie

This week I finally get to go into my classroom and upack.  I have two weeks to get my classroom ready and of course there are meetings/workshops already before school starts.  I'm starting to get stressed that it won't all get done by the first day. I hope to start posting some pictures (that's if I can find my camera that I packed up in my room.)

Well here's a back to school freebie for everyone.  I know we all get those students who never write their name on anything.  Having students highlight there name has cut down on the amount of no name papers.

Another way to make it easier to track down no name on papers is to have a basket.  On the rim of the basket have clothespins with either student names/numbers.  When students turn in their work they just look for their clip.  I do this for turning in homework.  It makes it real quick and easy to see who turned in their homework.  


Tina said...

Thanks for all the great ideas!
I just found your blog!

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