Friday, August 19, 2011

For my clip chart fans

This summler while creating the themed clip charts I had several requests for notes for good/bad behavior.  So I created clip chart notes available at The Teaching Oasis.  The notes are for Outstanding Behavior and an Oops note if a note is to go home to the parents.

For the Outstanding Behavior I write what the student did that day to move their clip up.  So many times at our school-  students go home and say that they made it to the top of the chart, but they don't always know/remember what they did.

For the Oops note I have the student write what it is they did that resulted in their clip moving down.  The student also writes what they will do next time to make a better choice.  Having students write in their own words/handwriting makes it harder for parents to say their child did nothing wrong.  (We all have a couple of those parents I'm sure.)

Currently I only made the clip chart notes for the themes I made the clip charts for.(If I forgot one please let me know.)  Since the clip charts have been so popular I will do my best to create clip charts for the rest of themes sometime during the school year.  Here's the sample of the Hollywood clip chart notes.

Tomorrow I will be back with an idea for a year long reading incentive for your classroom.