Sunday, August 26, 2012

Made it through the first week!

Virginia and I started back to school this past week.  Monday and Tuesday we had Teacher Institute Days.  The students came on Wed.  We both enjoyed meeting our new group of students, but the first week is always an exhausting one.  Of course it didn't help that our playground is not ready yet for the students to play on.  On Friday afternoon one of our blacktops was free of construction material so the students could finally get out and play.  Even though it was hot and humid out it nice to finally get some fresh air. 
We are ready to start our first week now and get into the weekly routine of a weekly story, starting writer's workshop, math, science, and social studies. 

This week we also have our Curriculum Night.  Virginia found a site with reading tips for parents at different grade levels and comes in both English and Spanish.  Just click on the either one of the images below to take you to the website.  Just scroll down for your grade level.
In Spanish

In English
We will be back with more ideas to share at Curriculum Night.
Have a good week.
Virginia and Sandy


Chrissy said...

Thanks for sharing these. My back-to-school night is Wednesday. These might be great for that. Have a great week!
First Grade Found Me

Sandy Fiorini said...

Glad we could help!