Friday, August 3, 2012

Star Binder Hollywood/Western Style

As many of you already know the last few years I had a Hollywood classroom theme.  Last year our school had a Western theme.  So I tried to incorporate a little bit of both.

That's how I came about with the Hollywood/Western Theme STAR Binder.  I know it's weird, but I wasn't quite ready to give up all of my Hollywood decorations yet.

The top part got cut off.  It says A STAR on the Ranch.  I like the use the 1/2 inch view binders so I can insert the cover sheets on top.

Here's the cover of the one I had 2 years ago when our school theme was rock-n-roll.

If you are looking to purchase Binder Covers both Christina Bainbridge and Teachers Clubhouse sell them.  So check out their sites.

When you open the binder on the left is the "Very Important Papers".  This is where I have students put important notes that parents need to see right away.  Also parents leave notes there as well for the students to find easily.

The zippered pouch is where student put money and pencils.  So there is no reason to complete their  homework with crayons or markers.  I used to get the cheap plastic pencils pouches when they went on sale for 50 cents, but my students used to rip them or the zipper wouldn't last long.  So I purchased the material ones at out of one of teaching catalogs and used them two years in a row now.  So it was worth the extra expense.

In the plastic sleeve are the STAR Binder Rules

Next are the plastic folders with the 3 hole punch.  These are a little more expensive, but they hold up all year long.  On the left side is where students put their homework.

Completed classwork goes here.

The back of the binder sleeve I have students put their spelling list so it doesn't get lost.

Need labels for your STAR Binders?  Here are some that I have that can be downloaded from Google Docs.  Just click on the image below.

STAR Binder Rules (slightly different than the one in the picture above.) but it's the one that I have had on my website for many years in case you missed it.


teacherking55 said...

:) :) Thank you soooooo much!! I REALLY appreciate you sharing!! :)

Sandy Fiorini said...

No problem. I hope you got some good ideas.