Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Behavior Freebie

This year is the first year that our students are coming all day the first day of school.  In the past they have come for an hour and half.  Which made for a crazy first day, but I loved having the afternoon to put away all the supplies that the students bring to school.

So now that the students are coming all day I have been looking for more ideas what I can have the students do.  That’s when I came across a Jodi’s Linky Party from Fun in First.  I haven’t read all the links yet, but I’m getting some ideas.  So here at two activities that I plan on doing on the first day of school.

#1 First Day Jitters

Sometimes the students have heard this book before in 1st grade, but most of the time they don’t remember what it is about.

The students complete these worksheets as we read the book from Joanne Griffen’s Website.

#2  Rules

We all know that going over the school rules are very important on the 1st day.  Our school implements P.B.I.S. for behavior.  Our school has 4 rules that are the same no matter what classroom you are in.  The 4 school rules are:

Be Respectful

Be Caring

Be Here, Be Ready

Be Safe

The rules are in order so both students and staff members can remember them.  (R.C.H.S. for R.C. Hill School)

Many years ago I created a Student Behavior Handbook that goes home with the students.  When I made this booklet I didn’t create all my things on the computer like I do on.  So it’s a very basic booklet.  You can check out the link here.  It’s under the letter “B”. 

It’s that document that inspired this idea.  Why not have the students create their own that we can reference during the year.  If the students create it then they will have more ownership right?  Well I hope so.

There are two pages for each setting of our school to fit our 4 school rules.  Students can write and illustrate how that rule fits that setting.  I’m thinking students will work in pairs on this one and we will have one class book.

You can download this for free on TPT.


Jodi said...

We used to have a half day at the first day of school. It was GREAT!! For the last three years, it's been a full day and it's rough. Thanks for linking up :)
Fun In First