Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New (School) Year Resolutions

Hooking up with Teaching Maddeness again with her latest linky party New Years Resoltions.  I always have great intentions with New Year Resoultions (both school year and personal), but I always seem to end up failing at them. 

So maybe now that I have put my resoultions out here in bloggy land I will do a better job of it this school year.

#1  Being more organized
This seems to be on the top of my resoultion list every year.  I start off doing okay but then the students come with all their stuff, meetings, etc. and the organization goes out the window.  I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the Teachers Toolbox.  I have bought my toolbox from Lowes, and have my scrapbooking paper.  (Purple zebra stripes- my favorite color) So hopefully this weekend I will get that completed. 
I have two teammates that have super clean desks all the time.  So my teachers desk is the start of my organization.

So being organized leads into my next resolution.

#2 Putting everything away before I leave.
This will also help with #1.  So many afternoons when the bell rings I stand in the hallway and talk with the other teachers about our day.  By the time I'm done talking I look at the time and call it a day.  I tell myself I will clean up in the AM but that doesn't work.  So I have to make myself stay and tidy things up before I leave. 

#3 My Blog
Last June I started this blog.  My plan was to take pictures and blog about the activities that we do.  Well I didn't do a good job of that at all last year. 

#4 Try and stay positive
Last year our district/school saw many changes in Admin.  We started MAP testing with students for the first time last year, and have several Math changes too.  Yes, Math changes.  We started off the year with new pacing charts that were aligned to CCSS.  Then after 1st qtr. that was changed to something new called Complete Curriculum that didn't really fit our needs.  Now this school we year adopted My Math.  Hopefully math will go much smoother this year.
Now that is all in the past. I'm ready for a fresh start and dwell on what I can't control.

That should do it for my New School Year Resoulutions. Now that I put resoultions out here in bloggy land for all to read. That should help me to stick with them. 

I will be back later this week with a Back to School Freebie.  Maybe even some pictures of my classroom.  (Today I got word that my classroom has been cleaned and ready for teachers to come.) I didn't really want to go in until next week, but now that it is ready I'm not sure I can stay away.


Lisa R. said...

Oh yes #1 & #4 are exactly what I put in my post too! I need to work on #2 also. I am horrible at putting things away. Great resolutions!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Amanda Madden said...

Thanks for linking up, Sandy! If only I would put things away immediately after using them...at school AND at home, my life would be much simpler! *sigh* Since this will be my first year blogging, I'm hoping I can keep up with it...time will tell! Here's to a wonderful school year!

Teaching Maddeness