Saturday, July 28, 2012

A New Addition to My Blog

A few weeks ago I had someone suggest having things offered in Spanish.  Since I don't know how to speak let alone write in Spanish this isn't something I can do.  It seemed like a great idea. So I asked my friend Virginia Duran to come on board with me and create things in Spanish.  Virginia will be blogging here soon.  She has some great ideas to share.  Yesterday Virginia and I were going to take our picture to share on here, but I forgot all about it.  Since I was at Virginia's wine tasting party maybe that was a good thing.  I promise I will get a picture uploaded of the two of us so you can "Meet us".

In my general education classroom. I usually have about 5 families where English/Spanish is spoken at home, and there is usually a few that is just Spanish. Our school sends newsletters and things like that in Spanish.  But the things that I send home it's only in English. Usually an older brother or sister translate things for the parents.  Of course as a classroom teacher I always want all of my parents to read what I send home.

So now that I have Virginia on board I now have a back to school survey that I  send home.  Of course Virginia might have to read the survey's when they come back to me if they write in Spainish.

My Parent Brag Sheet is a two pages where I ask questions about their child.  This is the parents time to brag about their child; telling me about their child at school and at home.  You learn so much just from reading these.  I always tell my students this is homework for the parents.  They get such a great kick out of that.    I have to warn you though  you might need some kleenex when you read these. 

The second part I added to the file is a student survey.  This is for the students to fill out in class. (3 pages)

So between these two surveys you get a well rounded picture of the student/family.  If you are interested in purchasing this they can be found at TPT and TN.  I apologize if the thumbnails at TPT are not working. 

 In Spanish TPT   TN

In English TPT   TN

So what are some other suggestions that you would like to see in English/Spanish?  Any suggestions would be great.  Just leave a comment below and we will take your requests into consideration.